Diana Rogatkina



My artistic practice is a response to the reality around me. For the last 2 years I have been living in a village and my only connection with the world has become my smartphone and what I see in it. Now you can become an outside observer, time to analyze your feelings. I am interested in the topic of interaction between man and society, social roles. The search for the real and sincere has become my main goal.

I realized that “Selfie” became a vivid symbol of this search and research. I see in them a reflection of the themes that excite me – self-love, courage, the triumph of a woman on the one hand. And fear, desire to please, artificiality, stereotyped – on the other. And also the transience and inability to grasp the meanings. When creating my paintings, I write the photos I found on Instagram. I want to slow down time in order to see, to be able to see something important. The same thing I want from the viewer looking at my paintings – to think, to see myself from the outside. At all times, artists, depicting the image of a woman, conveyed the spirit of the times. In my opinion, “selfie” is the most accurate reflection of the spirit of our time