Anton Totibadze



Anton Totibadze was born in Moscow in 1993 to a family of artists. His father Konstantin Totibadze and uncle Gogi Totibadze are both painters. Since 2009, when he first cooked khinkali with a friend, he has been day after day relentlessly mastering the depths of culinary art. In 2013 Totibadze graduated with First Class Honours from The High School of Graphic Design, Boris Trofimov’s Studio. In 2013 he took part in an exhibition at the State Russian Museum. His work was consequently accepted to the Museum’s XX-XXI century Fine Art collection. In 2014 – 2015 Anton was teaching fine art to juniors at London Gates Education Group.

Solo exhibitions:
2011 – «Presentation», cafe «Mart», Moscow
2012 – «Dayly routine», Gallery Project 180 м2, Moscow
2014 – «The Totality of Elegance», 25KADR Gallery, Moscow
2015 – «The Totality of Elegance», Tallin Portrait Gallery, Tallinn
2015 – «Everything is coming now», Roza Azora Gallery, Moscow
2016 – «The Way All People Do», 25KADR Gallery, Moscow

Selected group exhibitions:
2013 – «All of Totibadze», Roza Azora Gallery, Moscow
2013 – «Cookbook of Russian Museum», The State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg
2014 – «At ease», Roza Azora Gallery, Moscow
2014 – «Gifts», Roza Azora Gallery, Moscow
2014 – «Ode to Food», PROUN Gallery, Moscow
2013 – International fair Art Moscow, Roza Azora Gallery, Moscow
2015 – International fair Cosmoscow, Roza Azora Gallery, Moscow
2016 – «Spree is somewhere», Totibadze Gallery , Moscow
2016 – «Portraits of Happy People», Zdes at Taganka Gallery, Moscow
2016 – International Art Contest 10th Arte Laguna Prize, Arsenale, Venice
2016 – «Area 7», Totibadze Gallery, Moscow
2017 – «Come back home», IRRA, Moscow

– The State Russian Museum
– Museum of Organic Culture
– Private collections in Russia, Georgia, USA, France, Latvia, Estonia, Germany,