Olya Leontieva


Olya Leontyeva was born in 1991 in Moscow. She started drawing when she was a child. She admits that she is ready to learn things from herself when she was 5 years old because it is the sincerity and it is that very vision of the world that you want to keep forever. Olya had been studying in an art institute until she decided that she wanted to be a scene-designer. She failed to fulfill her idea but it led her to the British High School of Design where Olya studied illustration.

She likes using different techniques in her work putting together painting and graphic materials. Her works are dynamic and most important they give a feeling of rhythm in everything she makes. It can be conventional and abstract or definite and clear, absolutely empty and full at the same time. Her every painting is a journey for the artist too. If you are interested you can follow the link to have a complete image of her works.