Fifth Uralsk Biennale: meta-utterances of immortality


The fifth Ural Industrial Biennale opened in Yekaterinburg. It is noteworthy that the project, for the fifth time, is proving its authenticity and relevance. The main project is presented at two sites in Yekaterinburg: at the Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant and in the historical building of the Koli-Zey movie theater, built in 1845. The Fifth Biennale reflects on the theme of immortality in all its diversity through various artistic media. The curators retained the strategy of working with the local context and with the specifics of the exhibition site. In addition to the curatorial meta-utterance on the topic of “immortality”, the artists will continue to speak on the subject of industrial heritage and understanding the plant as a place not only for the production of something, but also a place that deacralizes the very concept of “enterprise”.